Concentrating in DUI & Traffic Law in Hawaii


R. Patrick McPherson
Attorney at Law

If you are looking at this website, you or someone you love has been arrested for drunk driving. It is critical to consider retaining legal representation to assist you.  Your arrest may result in a loss of your driver’s license.  A criminal conviction could adversely affect your job and your car insurance.  The possible consequences should be taken seriously and you may want an advocate by your side.

Patrick McPherson heads one of the premier DUI defense firms in Hawaii.  Mr. McPherson is the state delegate to the National College for DUI Defense, an organization dedicated to defending the rights of people accused of this crime.  Mr. McPherson was also a member of Governor Linda Lingle’s Ignition Interlock Task Force, a select group that recommended changes to the law to enable drivers with revoked licenses to obtain ignition interlock devices, devices that help them continue to drive and support their families.  Our firm strives to be on the cutting edge of DUI defense.

Thousands of clients have benefitted from our knowledge and experience.  In certain cases, we have been successful in getting charges reduced to lesser offenses or even dismissed.  We have also obtained hard-fought acquittals at trial.  We may be able to help you too!  If you have been accused of drunk driving, we urge you to schedule a free consultation with us by calling 808-537-5600.